Thursday, March 1, 2012

Restrictive dieting

Brain dump ahead.

The trainer I am working with will provide you with a meal plan aimed at keeping metabolism humming and confused. The gist of it, Days 1-3 70% Protein, 15% each fat and carbs.  Days 4-6 is 50% protein, 30% fat and still 15% carbs.  The last day is 25% protein, 20% fat and 55% carbs.  I think my numbers don't exactly match his on the last day but it's close enough.  Average daily calories is 1250.  YIKES!!!

So back in the day, about this time of year in 2000 I was eating 1200 calories give or take in a day.  I did that for well over a year and a half getting back down to 240.  I think about it now and I am amazed I persevered for so long.  Maybe that's just the benefit of time?  Was it hard?  It must have been,  still,  I must have done it.  I motivated EVERYDAY. EVERYDAY.  And almost everyday I ate 1200 calories. I have my food diary from then.  Lots of veggies.  Lots and lots of veggies.  SO few calories.

Anyways, back to now.  As a wannabe RD I follow a bunch of actual RD's on Twitter, a bunch of ppl who have been to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, many a folk who have basically hung out their own shingle and various other ppl at all stages of their journey.  I like the maintainers who know they should be maintaining the best.  (Think about it)  Those who need to lose weight largely talk about dieting.  The RD's saying you shouldn't diet, it's bad for you, it only leads to an eating disorder.  Maybe? I don't think so.

I am going to attempt to follow his plan for as long as I can.  I'm allowed to add spices.  :)  I get a little nervous about eating the same thing over and over for several days at a time, but in reality when I lost weight before, I was doing exactly that.  Also, knowing what I know, I'll ask and see about a few substitutions, for example, I need more Iron from my salad greens!

I think I'm ready to add in the diet part of this. The exercise is not only making me strong, it's also making me feel guilty.  I shouldn't be eating like crap when I need to be actually fueling my body. When you are merely existing it's easy to be complacent. Edited to add that his plan appeals to me because I won't have to think about it.  I just follow and eat.  That's okay to do.  I know this.

I'm still kind of hard on myself.  But in reality, I'm doing all right. 185.6 this morning.  I want that number to move.  It will take concerted effort, and yes, dieting mentality.  I need to kick it out of maintenance mode for the moment.  Clearly I can do that, no matter what the weight.  I will add 185 to the list of pounds where I can hang, it includes 165 and 240.

The when.  I think Monday of next week.  I know it's cliche, a Monday.  Don't care.  My mom is sponsoring an overnight date night for my husband and I this weekend.  Will be at a B&B in the city and she'l be with my little girl.  It'll be hard to leave her but I'm looking forward to the time with my husband.

She's 5 months today. And I hear her.  Perfect timing.  One last edit:


bbubblyb said...

Hard to believe she's 5 months already :) they seem to grow up so fast. Nice of your mom to take her and that you and hubby will get away, I think that's so important to a couple.

As for dieting mentality I'm coming to realize it's really more "healthy eating" mentality. I can say just from the past 3 weeks of no junk I'm feeling tons better physcially and mentally. We surely know what to do to lose the weight it's just about keeping our head in the game.

Sarah said...

Healthy eating mentality = maintenance. I have a good 20 + pounds to lose and honestly, I don't think healthy eating will get me there. I already eat (more or less) healthy. That lifestyle, despite being hard to define, is here for good for me. There is not a whole lot that I am wiling to change long term except that I need to be eating less. Maintenance is not particularly a a struggle for me.

I think for me right now I need to define this as dieting. It is. Plain and simple, the baby weight (for me) I am quite sure isn't going to magically go away. This is worlds different than the up and down of maintenance.

Miz said...

three cheers for you getting the gift of an overnight!!!!

Kenlie said...

First...she just gets getting cuter.......xxoo

Secondly,You know you can do this...And that's it. Go for it!

You're inspiring as hell already..I guess it's time to inspire again.