Thursday, May 20, 2010


I love Savannah! Seriously adore this town. Its historical walkable and fashionable. Lots going through my mind right now. Trying not to panic about next week and instead live in the vacation moment. A bit difficult for me, but giving it my best shot. Hard to ignore thoughts of impending thigh lift surgery when i am walking around in skirts in high 80's and humid and my thighs just stick together.

Currently I am sitting on balcony of hotel w/ ipad watching people wander by and little kids play in the fountain 5 floors down. Headed out for dinner soon, i have eaten some very tasty food this week and done a little shopping. Including the silk maxi dress im currently wearing. I love being this size and just being able to try things on. I'm also a lover all things thrift and Savannah/Hilton Head has some great consignment shops!

So this is just a quick update, more posts to come once i get home re: surgery. Dropped off face of earth since finals when we found out we could go on vacation last week. And so we did. :)


Cammy said...

I love Savannah, too. I must've walked 100 miles while I was there. Great neighborhoods everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Sounds heavenly. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

If you get bored during your surgical recovery and run out of stuff to do, will you write a bit about your weight loss plauteau? Some of my friends have given up when this happens, and I have too in the past, but this time I'm not going to let it derail my efforts. I don't believe I'm destined to remain obese.

BTW, love that sleeveless dress you modelled. You have that young Jackie Kennedy casual, vulnerable yet powerful look going strong.


Wicked Thrifty said...

have fun! i'd love to check out some of the southern cities i've never been to like savannah and austin and asheville NC... sigh. i never go on vacation :P

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

Enjoy and let tomorrow's worries work themselves out tomorrow...:) Easier said than done, I know..

Have fun!