Friday, May 28, 2010

Ok, this makes me look tiny!

Tweeted this too but can explain a bit better here. You can see gauze on tibia where he fixed my divot. Still haven't seen it, but there is an interesting bruise just to the left. I understand that he overlapped the skin to give it some extra thickness. Apparently there wasn't much there.

The other gauze squares are where the drains came out today. And even though the thighs are all puffy they still look tiny to me now that I look at this picture. I'm a big fan of this compression garment, it has hook and eye closures and then zippers up both sides. The seams and the tag are on the outside so they don't press into you. It's also crotchless, which in theory makes it easier to void. Still haven't pooped yet. Maybe tomorrow. Sorry for the tmi but it's a part of surgery.


Anonymous said...

Swelling? What swelling? You look fabulous!

Of course, now you're going to need this outfit, whether you ride or not:

Naturally, you may prefer this one for summer:

Either way, fashion awaits! The possibilities are endless...

I suspect you are about to need a new wardrobe. :) Enjoy!


Sarah said...

Im certainly going to be interested in some new pants! I have never ridden a horse. Always wanted too, but never thought when I was heavy that I could... I should look into that.