Saturday, May 22, 2010

Vacation as seen through the lens of my iPhone

On the plane. I used to need an extender. Low and tight across your hips was not something I understood until post my first round of plastics. I still hate flying though.

At the antique store. I had never come across Harvey Canes. I am totally in love. Guy running the store said to have a look at their website and he would order one for me and ship to Boston. They make all sorts, lucite, wood... Ones with crook handles, derby handles, knobs. You name it. I need a quality cane, love my antique bamboo one, but could use one with a bit more stability.

Won't miss this. Not the worst of it this week either. I'm pretty convinced those little red dots are plain old skin Staph, especially the ones that erupt into a pustule. Ew. I know-- gross. But based on what I learned in Micro this semester (and past experience) leads me to think that. I've started the Hibiclens showers already.

I'm not sure why I am not smiling. I should be, this was one of the nicest days we had. The beaches on Hilton Head were gorgeous and huge, we must have walked miles down them!

We had Five Guys. Twice. I loved the hotel we stayed at in Savannah, AVIA, had a great view and lovely decor. Also, was a block a way from Five Guys where I could get Caffeine Free Diet Coke as a fountain drink. Husband and I are giving eachother wtf look in this picture as we were watching the Rand Paul interview on The Rachel Maddow Show.

The dress I mentioned in the Interaction post.

The beer, pizza and calzone mentioned in the Interaction post.

The view from the hotel balcony.

The dress I traveled home in. You can't really see the bracelet, it's a 1960's Regency that could not match more perfectly, pinks and oranges that compliment the dress so nicely. The dress came from Target by the way, part of the Lily of London collection they had earlier this Spring. It's a 10 and makes me feel so beautiful. I'm a big believer in getting dressed up when I travel and it's almost always a skirt or a dress. Something about sitting a long time in pants bugs me. The flight down in the jeans was uncomfortable.

All in all it was a lovely vacation. So wonderful to spend time with my husband and just be us.


Alexia said...

i'm a big believer in getting dressed up and eating wickedly during vacation! glad you enjoyed and you fab.

Alexia said...

* you look fab.

Sarah said...

Oh we ate! Scale showed a 3 pound gain this morning! Maybe just travel bloat but I know how many pralines and how much carmel corn and fudge I ate too!

Wicked Thrifty said...

ooh that maxi is simply ADORABLE with that ribbon detailing and the awesome geometric print... and the floral is so crazy mod- love it!! hope you had a fabulous time!

Anonymous said...

Thinking good thoughts for your hospital trip today.

Bless you. And good luck!