Saturday, May 8, 2010

Crossing things off my list

Still can't believe that plastics is less than three weeks away. I got a call from the office on Wednesday wondering about payment. Oops, I was convinced I had yet another week. So much to do! (three finals this week) Surgeons fee has already been processed and I am just waiting on hospital and anesthesiologist. I've never ever given my debit card number out for such a large payment. Took my breath away for a moment actually.

I met with a really nice physical therapist yesterday about my ankle. She has all sorts of plans for me up until my surgery. I was expecting an awkward conversation, but she was really supportive. None of my falls recently have been a result of tripping over my thighs, but she said she could see how that would happen.

I took this picture with my falling apart iPhone last night. I guess I'm glad it's blurry, you can't see the wrinkles and the rash that's been a result of some hot weather and skirt wearing. I won't miss that at all. Bacteria like warm warm places, normally they stick to your groin, but not me, I swear I walk from my knees and not my hips like most.

I'm also kneeling in this picture which is unheard of for me. Mostly because it hurts, but also because I dislike the way the skin puddles at my knee when I do. That's the part where he will do lipo. Ugh. I'm trying so hard not to think about that. Again, I'm trying to think function and not cosmetic. I'll be happy to have that spot taken care of, when I walk sometimes my legs make that thwapping sound like my tummy hang used too.

Back to the Mircobiology.


Anonymous said...

You look tiny.

Also, I love that mirror.

BTW, your kitty looks adorable.

Wicked Thrifty said...

dude. you need to keep wearing contacts otherwise i won't be able to tell you and annie apart :P