Friday, May 21, 2010


Savannah does not have an open container law. I found this fact fascinating. As long as it is a plastic cup and less than 16 ounces you can take it to go. Nifty! I finally did that on the last night on the way back from getting pizza. The restaurant was about two blocks away across a park and pedestrian marketplace. My college beer is available pretty much everywhere we vacation but still not at home. I could not pass up the novelty of Fat Tire on tap in a plastic cup outside!!! on my way back to the hotel. I was also carrying a medium pizza box with my calzone in a brown paper bag on top of it. My hands were full, my LV across my body and shades pushed up on top of my head and I was wearing long brown and turquoise plaid plaid maxi dress with halter tie at neck. I looked very much like me on any given day. We all know how much value I find in getting dressed up and looking nice. The walk back from the pizza place exemplified why.

The number of people who smiled at me was numerous and there were even a few fun comments! No glares, no stares, no looks of disgust that said why is that girl carrying pizza and a beer. One guy even asked me if he could join me for dinner as I walked by! People held open doors, pushed the elevator button and moved out of my way when in the past they wouldn't have even looked at me or worse, made it harder to get by. These everyday little interactions make me happy. I'm a sweetheart who can talk to anyone, I chat up sales clerks and compliment people (mostly on shoes!) and have no fear of personal interaction now. Years at the coffee shop honed that skill but the way other people respond to me is totally different. Five years into maintenance later you would think I would be used to it but I'm not. I don't mind it and actually rather enjoy it. I wish that people weren't so shallow, my self included sometimes, but we are human, we are flawed, and that's okay. People being nice to me makes me feel good. And feeling good makes me treat myself well. Nothing wrong with a positive feedback loop to reinforce the changes I have made.

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Lori said...

Isn't it funny how people treat you differently? Sometimes it really annoys me and sometimes I like it.

New Orleans is that way too, with the open container thing. So weird. You think the cover would be mandatory so drunk people wouldn't spill LOL