Monday, July 14, 2008

WALL-E's 'fattist' satire angers fat pride groups - Telegraph

From my Google Alerts.... I try to stay away from the politics of fat. The view is different from where I stand than most. But this... I haven't seen the movie yet but that is irrelevant to what bothered me most in this article. They interviewed several people including Fatima Parker the UK Spokesperson for the International Size Acceptance Association. I added the emphasis on the last line.

WALL-E's 'fattist' satire angers fat pride groups - Telegraph

"Fat people here are constantly told that we are failures: as people, as parents, as role models."

Ms Parker's argument is that overweight people are less likely to become morbidly obese, if they are allowed to feel comfortable about their bodies. She believes derogatory language and stereotypes about fat people as greedy will only make them eat more.

"On TV shows such as You Are What You Eat and The Biggest Loser, we are made out to be disgusting and less than human - called cows and whales.

It's hardly going to make me go and eat carrots and run around the garden.

"I would rather have cancer or diabetes than serious depression about how I look."

So full disclosure here... I still am not a huge fan of the way I look. I have more or less come to peace with it, but occasionally it still depresses me that I am carrying around all this extra skin. Does it make me want to eat more? Hell no. I would rather be saggy and squishy than all stretched out, full up of fat that makes life hard to live. Also, this really only applies when my clothes are off-- I can easily cover up my flaws and so I get dressed up everyday for a reason-- it makes me feel good about myself. Being healthy makes me feel good about myself. No one can tell me how to feel. Only I am in control of my emotions and my responses to the world around me.

So here's my issue with Ms. Parker. Comparing depression over ones appearance to cancer/diabetes is like comparing apples and cupcakes. Depression (in most cases) is NOT going to kill you. It's mental/chemical. Type II Diabetes and cancer can and probably will kill you. These are physical aliments brought on by an unhealthy lifestyle. One of my biggest motivating factors in wanting to lose weight was watching my Gram suffer through the last years of her life. Diabetes is an ugly ugly disease and a horrible way to die. It robbed her of her sight, her mobility and eventually her life. A week later my uncle died of Pancreatic cancer. Again a horrible way to go. Having those diseases would depress the f*ck out of me. Cancer is a hard one because lately it seems so indiscriminate in who and when it attacks, but living a healthier lifestyle will decrease your chances and taking weight off will certainly lower your risk for diabetes.

Maybe Ms. Parker has never known anyone who has suffered from diabetes or cancer? Such a flippent comment... Ugh. I don't think she understands what she is saying.

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