Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Out the window

M took the day off today and we headed up to LL Bean. We drove through Bowdoin and had lunch at Cook's lobster house. I had a very yummy lobster roll but no dessert.

But then I came across a whoopie pie at the mini mart where we gassed up before getting on the highway. Made by some local bakery it looked very tasty and since I have been craving whoopie pies lately I bought it. It was very tasty. But it was HUGE. Before I even got in the car I took it out of the wrapper peeled off the top and tossed it into the trash. M didn't bat an eye. Gosh I love him. I had about half of what was left, licked some of the frosting off the rest before tossing it out the window on the highway on ramp. Sweet tooth satisfied. I know it bugs twin sis when I toss food like that, but really, I don't want all of it. My mouth was happily coated in fat and the sweetness was almost too much. I would happily pay more for a smaller portion.

Such a wonderful day off. I am afraid I ruined it when we got home. I had a weepy moment about my shape. We started shopping for our winter trip to Yellowstone where I will need pants. Athletic gear is not designed for people with my shape. In happy news though I snagged a fabulous Smart Wool sweater for cheap. They also make leggings. I own several long wool skirts-- not for skiing of course, but I bet I could make that work for tours that don't involve prolonged periods of being outdoors.


anne said...

it bugs me that you can't seem to wait and find a TRASH CAN you litter bug. ;)

Sarah said...

I never toss anything that won't decompose you know. There is some stoked little forrest creature out there... Mmmm fat and sugar.