Thursday, July 24, 2008

I miss my Mom

Terribly, I know she is on the trip of a lifetime, but still. She should be coming back to civilization tomorrow. Hopefully there will be an email from her.

In other news I am back on the wagon. Seems that my weight was creeping up, even with all the exercise and it being that time of month, anything over 160 (163 on Tuesday) is cause for me to buckle down. Not cause for alarm, but I get uncomfortable in my clothes if gets any higher than that. My jeans stopped fitting well and considering I just passed off my 12s (which I wore forever even when they were too big b/c they weren't that big) to twin sis I need to make sure I am paying attention. Besides eating like crap backs me up. I made a special trip for fiber today...

So twin sis came for dinner last night, we sat at the table and had steak and potato salad. Made me miss Mom even more, but it was nice to spend time with my sister. She made the comment today that the house seems to be pretty "bad snack" free. Ummm, she didn't look in M's baking closet-- marshmallows, chocolate covered graham cookies. Then in the freezer ice cream sandwiches, coconut pops and fudge brownie ice cream. It is all calling my name. I bet even my mom could hear it in Vanuatu.

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Cammy said...

Good on you for knowing when to get back on the wagon, to use your term. You give me such hope that I'll be able to manage my weight when I get to where I want to be!

Sorry for the knee woes. I sure hope you're able to get it resolved soon.