Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Meatball Sub

Back in the day, I could eat a large meatball sub, a bag of Doritoes (not the 99 cent version either) and a package of 6 cupcakes all in one evening. Ooof. Way too much food.

It had been years since I have indulged in meal like that. I never eat Doritoes anymore and if a cupcake is in sight I am more likely to lick off the frosting and leave the rest. I have steered clear of meatball subs all together.

But for lunch today we had homemade ones! And they were so tasty. Everything we made ourselves except the fresh mozzarella. I added some roasted garlic and fresh basil to M's sauce from last week, fried up the leftover meatballs in a little olive oil added those with the cheese to the sauce and then let simmer while the onion rolls toasted. Seriously, the best meatball sub I have ever had.

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