Thursday, July 10, 2008

This low sodium thing...

Has been good for me too. M and I have sat down to more meals in our new house than I think we did in the whole 4 years we were at our last place. We made homemade meatballs the other day. They were quite tasty and the extras have been frozen for subs when M makes a suitable loaf. We added flaxseed to last night’s loaf. More dense and chewy but still yummy. I like stuff in my bread- and by stuff I mean fiber.
I’m slightly concerned that our cooking is bothering our neighbors. They left us a note asking us to be more considerate about shoes and moving furniture in the late evening hours and early mornings. I think perhaps their bedroom is below our kitchen. Our furniture has been in place for weeks, I think it just might be the kitchen chairs on the floor. I don’t think that we have been particularly loud, just living our lives. And for us that means making meals at 10pm.
The scale has been consistently at 158. I think that reflects the lower sodium in my diet in the past two weeks. I feel way less bloated and my clothes are fitting better/differently. I tend to carry anything extra in my extra so I was thrilled to see a difference.

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