Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Recent life in pictures & hats. And a glimpse into how I shop.

This was a fun evening.  One thing I love about where we live now is the walk home.  Won't love it so much when it gets cold again, but right now.  Still a big fan.  Great lighting along this bridge. Tank is Ann Taylor and Coat is London Fog.  Necklace is some sort of marked vintage that I can't recall.

Same night but now with hat as I was a bit further along my walk.  Parts of it are a wind tunnel and I was frozen by then even though it was 75 and humid at 11pm.

That's my favorite scar.  Denim jacket is Ralph Lauren, thrifted and PERFECT!  Dress is from Target earlier this year.  I kind of wish it was a bit longer but it works on me.  I know it's just left over "I hate my legs."  

I <3 Mom.  Pardon how tired she looks here she was just back from her first week of PhD school at UAB.  Hat is from Target, earrings are antique sterling screws and the sweater is something I bought on sale at Banana Republic last Fall.  I've always loved the cardi coats. 

 I am in the dressing room at Savers here.  The skirt and shirt are both silk and both Calvin Klein.  The sweater is cashmere with a gold thread running though it.  It is a different cardigan than above even though it looks similar. Can't see the shoes but one of my favorite pair of sandals.  I am also wearing my wedding jewelry, besides Haskell I have a thing for Regency rhinestones. 

I'm acting like a dork.  This jacket was something I picked up at Savers.... It still has both it's original tags.  One from Lord & Taylor and the other from Filene's Basement with it's automatic markdown.  I was thinking for Halloween, but it's actually not too bad for every day.  Shirt is Brooks Brothers, thrifted and jeans are BR.

Lots of old bathrooms at UNH.  Again with my tan trench (I also have a black one) and my omni present LV.  Turtleneck is cashmere (sensing a theme?) and from Ann Taylor.  I have a hard time paying more that 40$ for cashmere. So it has to be uber on sale or from eBay.  
From today.  Hat is from Coach, sweater from the Gap and the earrings are Haskell. I'm also wearing a brown denim skirt from Tommy Hilfiger and my favorite belt from JCrew.  

I'm a big shopper, I don't buy as many things as I did when I got to this weight but I still love to try things on.  Occasionally I am overwhelmed by the sheer number of clothes I own.  It's left over from high school I think.  I had the one pair of jeans.  That's it, just one.  I used to wash them out in the tub like every night.  My roommate was not impressed with that practice. She had enough clothes to send out, they left on Thursday and were returned the following Wednesday.  Not me, I simply didn't have that many, not enough to even last the week really.  That experience left an impression.   Recently I've been thinning the herd as it were.  Still need to cut down on the skirts  and sweaters but I am getting there. 

I hate paying full price for things.  Lingerie & workout clothes are always new, but the rest comes from all sorts of places.  Thrift stores, consignments shops, mall stores, friends.  At the end of the day it's about fit and how it looks on me and not what the tag says.  Size or price. If I really want it, I'll buy it regardless of if it is 100$ or 10$ or 1$.  It all evens out in the end. 


Vickie said...

love your pics
quirky in a very charming way
totally agree it is the fit and
it all evens out in the end

Anonymous said...

Yummmmmm...silk AND cashmere, two of my favorites!


Rhonda said...

Cute cloths and cute picture with your Mom!