Sunday, October 3, 2010


But first, Marie Claire...  meh.  Sucks that they had to be assholes about it.  Put yourself out there like that though and people are going to judge.  And judge harshly.  We all know how I feel about my knee...  The idea of running through pain like that.  Not for me, way excessive, again, to me, but to others, probably not.  It's a fine line.  I will say I think there is something to that article.  I'm pretty sure we all pass through that point, some move on and some do not.  Depends on how you want to define yourself I think...  In general though I'm more about those who are still on the journey down or new to maintenance.  People like me already have it figured out.  People like them, well, I've never really had any interest.  It's a lifestyle I'll never relate to on many levels. 

Also a fine line, healthy living blogger and weight loss blogger... that's a different post. 

I'm about living not obsessing.  I chafe at the ED term too...  I think we've covered that here as I feel I have worked quite hard at learning to live with food.  That desire comes directly from having not lived for so long.  Stuffing and hiding was what I did. 

In similar news though I've kept track of everything I've eaten lately.  I think it's school doing it to me.  Feels good to touch base like that, but not sure how long I can keep it up.  Till my birthday is the plan.  (or when school assignment is over)

Just home from a show at the Orpheum in Boston.  omg tiny seats!  I'm normal sized and it was hard.  Moved two songs in to a seat better on my knee.  That place is ummm, not for the handicapped.  I'm glad I can say yes to nights like tonight.  Live music was not part of my life when fat and I know I missed out.  I need to keep evenings like this part of my life now.  Even if it means a painkiller chased by an ibuprofen cooled off with an ice pack. 

So it's about to be sleepy time... third exam of the semester coming up this week in US Healthcare systems.  I'll give you a hint, it isn't really a system.  


Vickie said...

I wouldn't consider myself 'normal' size. I am smaller than normal (now). And I have been two places with seats which were tiny to me too.

One was a very old 'opera' style house (built in the late 1800's/very early 1900's). Original seats - very narrow and rows close together. I think the row in front of me being so close was more restricting than the seat being so narrow.

And I was on a plane last month for the first time in many years. And I found those seats very tiny too. I didn't pay attention to how much/little seat belt was left after I buckled, but now I wish I had. It the belts were proportional to the seat width, no wonder we hear so much talk about felt extenders. It looked like an older model. I wonder if seat sizes are very different between years/models.

Vickie said...

that was BELT extenders
not 'felt' extenders
it is very early here
not yet awake

Lori said...

That Marie Clare article was really something else. Talk about hypocritical with what the magazine flouts all the time (be thin, be sexy, get your man by doing X). The article had quite a mean spirit about it and almost felt more like a personal dig than actual journalism, so I don't know if there is some untold back story there.

While there are some bloggers I am concerned about, it is both ends of the spectrum from some 'healthy living' ones to those losing weight. There will always be those extremes that aren't healthy.

I find that I feel a lot of kinship with the bloggers that are still losing. I may be moving on from that from a maintenance perspective, but I always will feel kind of like the fat girl. I find IRL when I meet someone and I can totally sympathize and feel empathy with them - they don't feel the same way about me because they don't know that I lost a lot of weight.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of journalism, hehe...A quote attributed to Walter Cronkite: "Our health care system is not healthy, caring, or a system." I mention this quote for a couple reasons: first in reference to the last line in your post today, and second, because the name of your blog often makes me hear good old Walter's deep voice in my head, lol, re his famous sign off: "And that's the way it is..." :)

The Marie Claire article is typical of modern mass communication. Heavy on innuendo and finger pointing, absent any substance of real value. For people recovering from anorexia, the blogs mentioned could be triggering, no doubt. But, potentially, so are most magazine covers and photo spreads of models. There is a HUGE gap in logic from *potentially triggering* to *indicative of ED*.

On the other hand, there is a conversation about dieting, exercising, etc, and links to ED behaviors that could result in an informative, educational outcome. It just won't happen in a commercial rag aimed at the masses.