Friday, October 8, 2010

Foam Roller Fair

Generally my pain seems to be easing up a bit.  At least that's what I've noticed it this week, I keep a pain diary.  It's not a lot, more like a 6 with no help...  I credit the foam roller with this.  It's really the only thing I have been doing differently.  I had forgotten how good that pain feels and after 10 days of 5 minutes a day it's already easier again.  Perhaps this is all in my head, but I'll take it.

Of course as I sit here and type this blog parts of my knee are a screaming pinging 8 because of my afternoon at the Topsfield Fair.  It was a great time with Twin Sis and we basically wandered and ate.  I had 1/2 a pretzel, an apple, a pickle, 1/2 sweet potato fry order, 1/2 a turkey leg and an twist cone with chocolate jimmies.  And some kettle corn.  Not bad for fair food... I could have done a lot more damage.

Twin sis took this picture of me earlier today.  Love the shirt but something in the camera angle makes me think I look fat.  (It's my arms.)  Amazing because I've seen a weight lower this week than I have in months.


Anonymous said...

you are cute as a button-- and look at you rocking that skirt!! own your awesomeness (and for what it's worth, pictures are funny things--they only capture one aspect of a person at a given time/position, etc-- photos are no substitute for real life).

could you talk more specifically about what you do with the foam roller?


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, foam roller is a miracle sent from heaven -- it's a shame that *everyone* doesn't know about it and use it.

I got turned on to the foam roller by a personal trainer with physical therapy training. I'll never be without one now.

Vickie said...

I think I see what you see. And it is the picture angle. I have pics like that too. REALLY good that you can just say - it is the pic, it is not me.

ditto what first comment said - pics of roller and how you use it please.

Meegan (redstar5) said...

Sarah thanks for stopping by my blog tonight and offering you're support. I think your photo is gorgeous, but its so much easier not to see the flaws when you're not evaluating yourself.

I have to second the love of the foam roller too. Just 10 minutes a day is life changing!