Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Positive Body Image

I was annoyed by the story when I first clicked through the slideshow... but then when the screen shot you see below showed up on the front page of Boston.com. Argh! I emailed the author. Positive body image is so hard to attain. I've worked for years on my body image and it has been a long journey from hiding in shame to not caring what others think and loving my body just the way it is. To tell women that they shouldn't wear something based on an ideal of beauty is wrong. If your office requires proffessional attire that's one thing, but to tell women that they have to be Michelle Obama to rock the sleevless look is another. I am always going to jiggle and shame on you if you judge me for it!

I wear a lot of sleeveless dresses and shirts. I've owned this wool dress from Calvin Klein for quite some time and did in fact wear it to the office when I had a job. This is me in it just last week. Look, you can see my jiggle!

Part of the reason I like sleeveless things is because of the excess skin. Short sleeves on me are often not attractive... The cuff squeezing my arm is not a pretty look. I'm not one to hide my arms. I dress appropriately for my shape and size and I will not let my jiggle keep me from putting on something I know looks good. Not once has anyone ever stopped me to tell me that I don't have the arms for sleeveless dresses and shirts. I'm sad when women tell me that they hide their arms. So what, it's just skin. As long as the rest of you looks good, who cares? And quite frankly who the heck is even going to notice if you are rocking your outfit!


anne said...

i want to wear that dress.

Sarah said...

I love this dress. Will never forget the day peeps at coffee shop were all like, "How did you not notice that guy checking you out?"

I was wearing this dress. That might make it inappropriate for the office, but not the jiggle.

Getting off my soap box now and going to Orgo section.

Lori said...

I hate how the expectation is to be perfect or hide your body like you should be ashamed. If a person feels comfortable and beautiful in an outfit - who is anyone else to tell them not to wear it?

I show of my jiggle all the time (tastefully, hopefully LOL) and if someone doesn't like it, they can look away.