Friday, November 27, 2009

Blogging from 33K

I am on my way home from a week in Florida. What a week. People I haven't seen in forever... Some longer than others, but most haven't seen skinny Sarah.

My Gram had childhood friends in St. Petersburg. They are both 82 and have been married 60 years. Getting old is rough going, but they are both still with us. Bud more than Dot but it was so wonderful to see them both. The look of complete joy on Bud's face when I showed up. He told me he had looked out the window and could see that it was me, but not me all at the same time. He knew my Gram and how she struggled in the end with diabetes. I know i have done my part... I just hope my body cooperates when I get old.

I also saw a women who worked in the dinning hall of my dorm. She has known me since I was 13. She too has had her own weight issues and at 69 she looks amazing as a result of WLS. We talked a great deal about surgical weight loss as she was under the impression that was how I lost my weight. She proudly told our Thanksgiving dinner companions that I had done it all on my own. Dinner was amazing but I didn't expect anything less from our hosts. When my friend retired she moved to Florida just down the street from the guy who was director of Special Functions at my boarding school. Everything was ridiculously tasty. There was so much food. I took a 1/4 of each and enjoyed it thoroughly. I'll update with pictures when I get home.

Happy Thanksgiving and happy Black Friday!

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Lori said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Happy Black Friday LOL