Sunday, November 8, 2009

How is it possible I have another exam in less than a week?

Big week coming up. Twin sis is embarking on her own plastics journey... I'm so happy for her. I'm a little freaked out that she'll wander around with surgeons pen on her from tomorrow afternoon to Wednesday morning, but maybe it's a good thing. I think it would have helped me get a handle on where things were going and coming from. I still look at certain freckles and think geeze, where did that come from.

I'm the go with person Wednesday morning. Orgo exam the next day so I can get lots of focused (hopefully) studying done. She is having surgery at what used to be my hospital. But having always been the patient I'll have to scout out the best local from which to work. Those things never occur to you when you are the one with the pain pump.

Went to Target today and purchased granny panties for the recovery plus some cute clothes on sale. I bought a pencil skirt half off and in a size 8. I finally feel like the swelling of late is settling down. I was a mess this week after that fall on Tuesday. I can't wait for twin sis to have the flat clothing experience. We are so alike and this difference is so glaring, at least to us, I'll be glad when it's gone. I like being like her.

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