Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Better but still annoyed.

I get back from Organic Chemistry section open up my browser and Boston.com has changed the text in the box below. Warns was a very poor word choice. Shame on you Boston.com. I remain annoyed however that that tidbit is still in the actual slideshow. Out of all 13 suggestions ranging from hemlines to accessories it is the only one that deals with an ideal of beauty. Why even put it in there? Maybe because it's written by a guy and also the consultant they quote, Gregg Andrews of Nordstroms is a guy? Maybe it just didn't occur to them that they were making a statement about beauty norms? Yeah, I don't think so.

This kind of thing never used to bother me. I'd think so what? Some guy says he doesn't want to see your flabby arms. Move on. But so what? So what? The what is that NO ONE GETS TO TELL YOU WHAT YOU CAN AND CAN NOT DO WITH YOUR OWN BODY IN REGARDS TO BEAUTY. Personally I think I bristled at this because I know that unless there is more surgery in my life, I will always jiggle. The idea that someone would suggest that I can't wear something sleeveless because of that is demeaning and dismissive. There will come a day when I will actually have my masters (Can this Orgo test and the next three years hurry up and be over already?/tangent) and I will be in a position where I can have a positive influence on people and their food and exercise choices. And you know what, if the dress code allows it, I'm sure there will be days where I wear something sleeveless.

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