Friday, July 10, 2009

Whole Foods and Single Baked Good Goodness

I wonder where Whole Food falls in California's nutrition labeling law? Do their prepared food fall under the restaurant category because you can sit and eat there? I took myself out to lunch today to my local Whole Foods in Cambridge and had a salad from their cold bar plus some overpriced sushi. They have lots of other things I enjoy from the hot bar, but right now I am focused on protein and getting the most bang for my calorie buck. It kind of annoys me that they don't post or have available their nutritional info. I know it is expensive to test each recipe and that when they do, they only usually test it once, there will be variations form store to store etc... That's all fine, I really just need a guesstimate.

Scouring their website I came across this answer to the nutritional info question in their forums.

And let's talk about the baked goods. They have more single serving desserts than a girl could hope for, but again, with no nutritional info. Ingredients only. Just knowing that they are there often keeps me from buying one... that and the one time I bought a single cupcake it was labeled as and I got charged for a 6 pack. Grumble. Totally defeated the purpose. I was craving something sweet today and picked up and put down many a desert. It seemed to be free sample day so I made do with a wee bit of Mojito cake. It was only okay but just enough all at the same time.

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ctina said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment & compliment on my blog. Yep, I have struggled with my weight. I used to be over 30 lbs heavier than I am now. I did WW, which worked until I became a compulsive exerciser (so I could eat more). Now I do run, but I don't run so I can eat. I run because I want to. And, I live & maintain a much more balanced life now, it's lighter altogether.

Congrats on your completely changed life & your maintenance!

It's simple isn't it? I am amazed how complicated some people think it is.