Sunday, July 5, 2009

An After Picture

I took this with my iPhone last night. You can clearly see the ABD pads that are covering the 4x4s that are covering the packing strips of gauze that are stuffed inside of me. Love my belly button though. Never ever thought it could be that cute. PS did a very nice job, silly to think that I was considering going without, it's really been the least of my healing worries!

Edited to add...
Here's the link back to the before picture. I spent some time this weekend pulling pics off my old mac. I'm working on more of before gallery. I just need to crop out my head. I don't mind the pics being out there, but god forbid should anyone disperse them, yeah... They are all iPhone pics. Not the greatest, but you'll get the idea.


HugeMD said...

Wow! That looks great! It sounds like you still have some healing going on, but WOW! Keep hanging in there! It probably doesn't seem like it now, but I betcha it won't be long and this will all just be a distant memory and you'll be SO happy with the result!

jo said...

I agree with HugeMD--looks GREAT!!!

Deb said...

You look great!

Michelle @ Find Your Balance said...

I'm visiting for the first time and it looks like BOY you've been through something serious! Hope all is well, would love to hear more about your story but I'll have to dive back further in these posts :-)

Sarah said...

Hi Michelle!

I went to Jr. High with your husband... small world. I came across you on Twitter last night while checking out who the NPS follows and noticed you had RT your man's last post. It was the last name that caught my eye. Again, small world huh?

The bandages are a result of finally taking the plastic surgery leap. I've been a normal weight for several years now but if you were an obese kid/teenager/young adult your skin will never be the same. It was time.

I've been checking out your site as well. It is all about finding your balance no matter what the reason is you want to be healthy. Glad to see that you have found yours!


Jenelle said...

I found your blog yesterday. I'm not sure where! Perhaps Refuse to Regain?

But I was thinking a lot about your surgery over the past day. I deal with similar issues after a substantial weightloss (5'8, 270 lbs to 155 lbs) and am curious if you think that the pain/difficulty you've had with it will be worth it in the end?

Your bellybutton is adorable. I've always wanted a cute bellybutton, too.. :)

I hope you're well,