Saturday, July 18, 2009

Can't I just hurry up and heal already?

I'm still packing that last hole. It's closing slowly. I'm doing this mostly myself now, I tried to get discharged from home care but alas, no luck. The last nurse watched me do all this to make sure I was okay on my own. She wanted to know if I was a nurse. No, but occasionally I play one in real life. So apparently I passed the test because they've dropped my visits to 3x a week, I probably won't see a nurse until Wednesday now. I'm hoping that I'll be all closed up by then, it's currently about half and inch deep and getting smaller at the opening. I switched from a piece of 2x2 gauze back to the strips. They sting and I am more aware of them but I think that wounds heals faster with them instead of being packed full with gauze. There are some stitches sticking out of me along the line that has healed, these are of the dissolvable kind and I assume he'll pull and snip them on Monday. They don't seem to be causing any issues. That two inches that broke open I think had healed well but I know the surgeon will be disappointed by it. It's amazing what's a priority for him as opposed to me. I just want no open holes.

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