Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Beach

I spent today at Crane Beach up in Ipswich. I follow a local weatherman on Twitter and he said today was a beach day. Indeed it was.

I saw the plastic surgeon on Monday and I am almost healed! Just one last spot is still being packed but I am not sure for how much longer. Today I told the nurse thanks but no thanks, I was already on the road to the beach by time she called to let me know when she was coming (between 12 and 3pm?).

So I've been out and about living again. I get winded very easily, but that's okay. Monday I shopped! I bought another bathing suit a maxi dress and a silk shirt that I am on the fence about it. It could be a dress but I'll wear it as a shirt, it has a big bow which is what drew me to it. I also went to the Bass Pro Shop on Monday night. I was exhausted by time we headed home and the seatbelt can be rough on me at the end of the day. It was fun trying on clothes... I bought a pair of shorts. My thighs still cause them to rise in the crotch, but the right cut will minimize that. I wore them today in fact. Getting down to the beach today also winded me. I bought a lawn chair that you can wear like a backpack. It's certainly light enough but when you are carrying a bag as well and have been sitting on your ass for 6 weeks 300 yards to the water is far.

I missed a few spots with the sunscreen but am happy to have some color. That pale antibiotic grey is not a good look on me.


HugeMD said...

You were at the beach! You're almost healed! YEAH! I'm so happy to hear this.

Lori said...

The beach sounds wonderful! Glad you are out and about now!

Sarah said...

I'm glad to be out too. I love that beach because it is on a reservation so there is none of that boardwalky nonsense. The drive there takes you past some really old towns with big houses and even bigger trees. Lastly low tide is pretty neat exposing a spit of sand that you can walk out on.

I love the beach, I think I get it from my Gram. I walked a little bit yesterday but mostly I sat in the sun and stood in the water.