Thursday, January 12, 2012

So THAT happened.

The holidays were a blur. Followed by the move and then a trip to Florida. Sprinkle in some personal problems and a lingering asthma attack amongst the little sleep and you have my last three weeks.

I'm beat. Physically and emotionally.

Moving on. Hello 2012. Nice to see you. This year I resolve to better manage my pain. That means exercise. It's nice to be able to settle in and start to explore the new house and neighborhood. I am VERY excited about the walking opportunities literally out my back door and across the street.  The baby and I went on our first walk last night, a quick 30 minute loop around a meadow.  Looking at the map I think I might be able to get all the way to the grocery store by going through the woods.  That would be pretty neat.  I do my best treating myself well when I have easy access to exercise and the grocery store.  I'm glad the push is over, ready for routine and I'm looking forward to 2012.