Monday, January 23, 2012

Hello again...

I stepped on the scale this morning and I am right back at 185.  Sigh.  Effort, I need to be making more of it.  I've been thinking a lot about losing and maintenance lately. I prefer the latter.  Took a long time to get there and once I arrived... felt like I was here for good.  

I don't want to maintain 185.  I've done a few things to make myself comfortable here and I wonder if that's keeping me from losing.  Unlikely.  I'd rather be comfortable in my clothes and look good when I walk out the door than be stuffed like a sausage or draped in maternity clothes.  I've bought several skirts in size 14 from the thrift store and eBay.  Keeping me me is important.  Especially post baby. 

Maybe I am too far removed from the losing?  Maybe I just have to pretend that never happened?  But it did, and that journey has implications for my future.  I know it's not exactly duplicatable, but there must be something I learned that I can apply to my current situation.  

I feel like I have forgotten how to lose weight.


PrettyWoman said...

It will come. You didnt forget.

I made it all the way down to 125, regained 15 and stayed 140 for more than two years. Then I gained another 5-10 (depending on the day) and decided that was just not acceptable. I made several attempts but felt the same way you do right now - that I forgot how or that I couldnt. And then, this past November I started making some changes and this month I have REALLY made some changes, and the weight is falling off.

You can, and you will, do it. :)

Jane said...

I am with you! I am having sooo many problems! ugggggh, it sucks!

bbubblyb said...

Something I wrote not so long ago was about just holding on. Even if we can't get the added "few" (and they are few in comparison) lbs off we can definitely hold steady and yes maintain where we are. I think it's far better than sliding further because of negative thoughts creeping in.

With a new baby for you, you already have a lot of changes you've been having to deal with so trying to go back to weight loss mode right now might just not be a good thing for you. But of course you know you better than anyone else and I'm sure you will figure it out.

I do know that I had different rules for myself in weight loss mode compared to maintenance, like half a bagel instead of a whole, no candy from the candy bowl instead of when I felt like it, etc. I do think it's just the little things that make the different in the end.

Hang in there you'll get through this and get back to where you want to be.