Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Big Food + Big Pharma = $$$ for Paula Deen

So, Paula Deen officially has diabetes mellitus.

Way back when I had a job I worked in BD for a small pharma company and so I am naturally interested in today's announcement.  I would LOVE to see the terms of her contract with Novo Nordisk.  I am quite sure Paula is about to not only be on your TV's and in your grocery store, but also in your doctor's office.  I have to say I am profoundly uncomfortable with the timing of her announcement when she has the nerve to say that talking money is garish.  She's going to make bucks off her disease and I am sure that Novo Nordisk will get a bump in sales with her endorsement.  Eat like Paula be medicated like Paula.  But most people do not have her means.  Diabetes is expensive.

I read the internets reaction to today's announcement with interest.  I think that Paula is making the most of her condition.  She will in fact have her cake and eat it too.  She has her son making money off this announcement as well.  His new show is just getting off the ground but the timing... well, draw your own conclusions.  He'll have a whole new audience with her revelation.  There are so many conflicting messages about obesity and diabetes and the like...  I think the expert in the linked article underestimates the public's need for a quick fix.

Again, eat like Paula, be medicated like Paula.

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bbubblyb said...

I have preached at my mom for years about fixing her diet not just thinking that a pill for this or a shot for that will cure her. She just doesn't seem to get it as I think most don't. I'm hoping I will see a change in Paula's cooking but I have my doubts. Sad to think someone as big in the public eye as her is more about promoting the meds than promoting the better way. I haven't read anything about it yet but I do hope it will be a real change for her.