Thursday, January 15, 2009

I love my PCP

Srsly. This woman is awesome if you live in the Boston and are ever need a PCP, email me, I'd recommend her to anybody. Anyways, I saw her today to talk about medications. I am off all the head meds and today she prescribed me an actual pain killer. YaY! I can go to the gym with abandon now that I know I am not going to pay for it with lack of sleep. It's been the falling asleep that has been hard. The dull ache. The throb. Ugh. Sucks. But in other positive news she put in a couple of referrals for me. One to a counselor to talk about my knee pain and how to keep it from sucking away my day and the second to the plastic surgeon. We talked about skin issues. And luckily, mostly I have no issues, I use a ketazole shampoo that keeps the candida at bay. However I worry that due to my penchant for infections that leaving the skin will result in problems someday. That and I so desperately want to wear a knee brace.

I joined the BSC. My local one has a pool which I have used several times now. I haven't lost any weight yet, but I'll get there. It's nice to feel worked out.

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