Friday, January 23, 2009

Finally Over

Chemistry exam was this week. oooof. It was hard, well, one page was uber hard, the rest was all right. Even M thought that one page was hard. He said he was thinking of me during the exam and wondered how I was doing. I wish I knew why I struggle with this stuff. I know it won't mean shit to how good of a dietician I can be. It's just something I have to do to get there. It's kind of like losing weight, its hard, and complicated and you often want to give up, but the rewards are great and anything worth having is worth working for.

Class starts again next week. I'm taking an expository writing class as well, Narrating Illness. Speaking of illness. I look like death warmed over, I have dreadful bags under my eyes and my skin is cranked, I'm sporting a low grade temp all the time and am tired. But it's a body tired, not a lack of sleep tired. I saw the knee doc today. He said I should see the guy who did the surgery last March b/c there are so many things one can bone graft with it's hard for him to tell what's going on. He did have a look-- said that bone should be hard, and that my bone is not hard. Yikes. He doesn't think the joint is infected, and neither do I but I have no idea what is wrong with my tibia, which is where my pain is these days. That hole just hurts and my whole lower leg just feels heavy. Since meeting up with this new doc, the actual joint pain has decreased (with his suggestions of insoles, PT and the orthovisc shots) but the pain in my tibia... Sucks. He did some blood work and I didn't even have to ask him, he also said he would release the results on line so that I could have a look. I can't help but wonder if the pain, the squishy bone and the low grade temp are related. I'm already a freak of nature when it comes to bone infections and non healing bone, a third infection or a failed bone graft wouldn't be out of the rhelm of possibility.

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