Sunday, October 26, 2008

What a month!

October has been historically a very busy and sometimes stressful month for my husband and I. Lots to do and always some sort of medical issue. This month was no different. M's ear has been on the fritz and I spent some time in the hospital. Nothing too serious but it did answer some questions for me. I don't think that my knee is causing my night sweats. So that was reassuring. My WBC was more or less normal, but my ecinophils were up. Being an asthmatic that did not surprise me. I am starting to think that maybe they are hormonal. How we would regulate that so I don't wake up in a puddle of my own sweat, I have no idea, but I do see my PCP this week to follow up on that.

The knee. I was laying there last night trying to decide if the shots of synthetic joint fluid had worked or not. They made me feel like crap for the day after they were injected but then that went away and I was left searching for any sign of pain relief. I am still stiff (more so than I have been recently) and I still hurt. Alas, not sure if they did me any good but it was worth the shot.

But despite all this I still managed to enjoy October. I saw a Patriots game on my birthday we tailgated and had cake and then later on in the week I had more cake. I saw Madonna from right next to the stage and my new favorite band, Pictures and Sound. I kept up with friends and even manged to get myself across down with a ridiculously heavy bag when my car was towed out of my sisters new neighborhood. I am trying hard not to let the knee effect my quality of life but it is hard. I have no idea how I will keep this up for 10 years or so. The new OS said that if it hadn't been for the infections that he would give me a new knee asap. That was very hard to hear.

We have been spending weekends on the Cape in my grandmothers old place. Something about coming down here is good for M' ear. Sadly there is a lack of internets but there is a TV, the beach for walking and the flea market and generally a wonderful place to simply relax. I'm writing this on my iphone. Impressed?

My weight is on the high end of my comfortability range, 159-160. My plan to write it all down this month flew out the window the first weekend we came down here with no internets. I hate having to pay such close attention to it sometimes, but if I don't well, all of you who have lost weight only to regain know why I do. I asked my PCP if my eating was disordered the last time I saw her, she said what's makes you say that. Ummm, the media saying that those who keep it off are basically freaks on par with the anorexics of the world. (And no, I am not saying that anorexics are freaks, I can not imagine that struggle with food, but what I am saying is that we all have control issues, and I bristle at the MSM saying that those of us who have worked hard and figured it out are still sick.) Anyways, she said not to worry out of all of her paitents I had the best outlook and view on food that she had seen in a long time.

Tomorrow I have my first of two ServSafe classes. My intership is sponsering me for these and it is another notch in the applying to grad school belt. I got a letter from CU this month too approving my transfer credits so now I actually get to graduate officialy from college in December. I'm pricing tickets to see if I could attend that cheaply. SO crazy how long ago it was that I left Boulder and yet it feels like yesterday sometimes. So much has changed, not only my weight but my life. It all happend in the blink of an eye it seems. That's a good reason to keep on keeping on.

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