Friday, October 3, 2008

October Third

Berry Oat Bran Muffin
Venti Iced Coffee with Milk

Almond, Dried Cranberries and Banana Chips
An ounce of each at 180, 110 and 160 calories.

Wheat Roll with humus


And I think that is all I will probably eat today. I have slept away my day after the appointment with the new knee doctor today.

We are going to try the knee lubrication shots. It is a series of three. Kind of stings right now where he injected me but it should be better tomorrow. I brought M with me for support and so that he could hear it for himself. The guy did not mince words. I have a problem, he said. But honestly, as I expected, he is more concerned about my history of infection rather then replacing the knee. I get the feeling he wants to wait years and years. So I cross my fingers and hope these shots work b/c I am in pain. If they do work they would be administered twice a year until they no longer work for me. Honestly they don't know much about them and how they work. Reassuring.

The only other thing he suggested was a brace or a neoprene sleeve. I explained about my weightloss. He was impressed and asked a bunch of questions about it. He even asked M if he knew me when I was heavier. She was on her way down he replied. So back to the brace, they are hard for me to wear because of the extra skin on my thighs. A sleeve would simply cut me off and then roll. Not a pretty sight.

So what next? More waiting.

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MizFit said...

and? delurking to see if the shots helped lessen the pain at all??