Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pat Pat Pat

Well, what to say about today's appointment? I waited, a lot. There was some small insurance hassle, he had no good news about my cyst and I have to go back because they only have Synvisc in the 3 shot form.

I also had to deal with an annoying PA today. I can't recall if I have met this one... but seriously, have some idea of who I am and why I am there before you walk in the room. This is not a flare up, I know why I am here and what I am asking for. She was fine after we established that pain all the time is my baseline and I am not interested in cortisone. I must be able to walk. Cortisone will deflame me, but at same time it will make my knee more painful. It actually needs more fluid, the right kind of fluid though.

Which brings me to the Bakers cyst. Doc wants it to just rupture on its own. I understand why, poking a needle in to drain it will still leave the balloon like sac that can just fill back up. But if it ruptures, like when you pop a balloon, the sac falls apart. Hard to know how long this will take. I do know that when it does happen the pain will stop me in my tracks for a day or so until the burning starts as the fluid seeps down the back of my calve. I've been through this and it sucks.

I do like this guy though, he is thoughtful and thorough and kind. He reminded me that I could come in every six months for the Synvisc. Yes I know, sometimes though I just don't feel like dealing. He patted me on the back when I said that.

I am trying so hard not to be overwhelmed today by my future. I've said before that I feel like I wasted so much life time to being fat that I am motivated to not lose any more because of my knee. That's hard for me today, lots of pain still to come.


Tricia said...

sorry to hear youre having a hard time :(

Lori said...

I'm sorry :(