Tuesday, March 2, 2010

May 18th for Phase II of Plastics

I have a date. I was going to consult with someone else... but I liked this guy, and again, I like to read that wound healing is a clinical interest. After what I went through last summer, hello Zyvox for normal flora? I want someone who will be able to help me should I come undone. Twin sis got great results with her surgeon, but he was very wham bam thank you mam. For someone like her, that was fine, she heals as she should. Me, I often don't heal as I should.

People are scared for me, I know that. But I need to do this. The timing kind of sucks, but I am used to having surgery when M is busy. It will be okay this way. Recovery doesn't look to be as intense. Just skin, no muscle manipulation. It's the way you have to position yourself for the first couple of weeks that has me only slightly concerned. I need a recliner between now and then. You can really sit and you can't really lay down. No 90 degree angles of any kind.

I have no expectations except less skin. He talked about some lipo, I assume that is how he will get the fat that he is going to put into my tibia. I'm getting the divot fixed while I'm there. He is going to entirely remove my old scar ( from #9, #10 and #11) and add my fat to the decimated tissue planes. I'm super excited about a scar that won't be tacked to the bone. It's more uncomfortable than one would think and occasional very itchy, there is some sort of trapped nerve that occasionally gets irritated. The soft tissue aches and I am hoping that the plastic surgeon can restore some sense of normality to that poor abused part of my tibia.

The scar will be T shaped. It will run about half way down my thigh and the cross on the top will be tucked into the crease under my buttocks and may join up with my current scar just near my hip in the front. It's hard for me to envision... I'm not one to google image search for plastics. I did a limited search last year and got all bummed out. Maybe because it's now part of me, but I feel like I never saw any pictures of results on line that look as fabulous as mine.

Only one other thing to do before I send payment. Make sure that the surgeon who I adored last summer isn't planning a Boston comeback. I google him occasionally... some interesting developments but hard to tell what result might be. Time to put in a call to the old office I think.

Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve this. I feel guilty about making it this far and actually having the means to fix myself further. So many other things to spend money on and here I am willingly going to get myself cut open, again. Yeah, I don't care. This is for me, this is because of what I was able to accomplish. This is my reward, and I'm taking it.


♥ Shrinking Kenz ♥ said...

I don't think you should spend even ten seconds feeling guilty. Why wouldn't you take it? I will absolutely do the same thing if I need to when the time comes..

If you can then you should. And I'll wish you a full and speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

I'd be right there too if I could afford it. I'm going to skip phase one, go on to phase three, then go back to do one and two. It's an insurance thing. They'll do my breasts, but won't do my abdomen for another 18 months minimum... which is lousy for me, but at least I'll go with the least of the surgeries first.

I just hope I'll be left with enough courage to do the tough ones.

I'll be reading to find out how this is for you.

Sarah said...

Kate, if you haven't you can read about my experience last summer with my abdomniplasty and panniculectmy. It was a bit or an ordeal. I blogged about it pretty regularly through June and July of last year.

So worth it.

Mary said...

Sarah, I found your blog through Lynn's blog (lynns weigh). I've been reading most of the morning. You have great information here, thanks!

Anonymous said...

You deserve every single source of support you can access! You didn't jump into this decision overnight, and you are in a position to do this process as safely as possible. This choice sounds like a wonderful step for you.

Good luck!


Lori said...

Good luck! You shouldn't feel bad about doing it. What is right for you may not be for someone else, but that doesn't make it wrong, you know?

I still waffle about the loose skin removal on myself. It's really a moot point as we don't have the funds, but surgery itself kind of scares me. I have only been under the knife once in my life, and not real anxious to repeat that.