Monday, March 17, 2008

I Can Make You Thin. Really?

With Paul McKenna on TLC. He makes the show about the audience. Instead of watching others lose weight he brings you along on a 5 week program, (Sunday at 9pm), giving you weekly tasks to complete along with advice and suggestions for following his program.

He has 4 Golden Rules
Eat what you want,
when you are hungry,
consciously eating,
until you are full.

That will work for losing weight-- but I fear the gimmick does set people up for failure. Eat what you want? Perhaps in a future show he will include some pointers on good nutrition. Not all calories are created equal.

He does talk a lot about the mental battle of eating and food. He encourages people to throw out foods that don't inspire you. I've done some refrigerator purging myself recently and it felt great. He also speaks about the need to savor food. My favorite line of the night. “People who are overweight, think about food all the time, except for when they are actually eating it.” I couldn’t agree more. That has been one of the hardest of behaviors to modify-- the reminder was good. There is nothing wrong with getting in touch with your hunger.

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