Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I had my annual physical today. I'v said it before, I just adore my PCP. We chatted first about the knee and the plastic surgery. I told her that when I had been at Faulkner Hospital yesterday I had gotten copies of my Operating Notes and also the Pathology reports of the past three years. She wanted to know why I read those, umm, because while I love the knee doc, he sucks at answering questions in a straightforward way. I was encouraged to read that he noted my pain as being exquisite. And she was pleased that I have turned the corner with this last ACL clusterf*ck. We talked about ways to mange my knee for the future what kind of issues are appropriate to push and what isn't. I thought that conversatin was bit odd considering how hard I had to work to get him to look at what was causing me pain. In her computer was my past appointment history. I had x-rays done in July that noted surgical changes, but no real follow up on that. Nothing was done when I saw the knee doc in August and that was when he referred me to the joint replacement guy, who had nothing to do with the pain from the graft and in the end sent me back to where I came from. Frustrating and I was glad that the PCP acknowledged that. I'm crossing my fingers there are no more issues for the time being, but I am noting a new pain along the joint line. Arthritis popping up in a new place maybe? Feels like that anyways. I'll give it a bit and ask about it when I go back for the next round of Syvisc shots in a month or so.

As for the PS she said that this is the right thing to do. I worry about people thinking me shallow or something... But I prefer to think of this not as cosmetic plastic surgery, but functional plastic surgery. I know I am still going to be lumpy and not smooth, but the skin hanging off me will be gone and that I know will improve how I exercise and move. I am so grateful for his opportunity I cried at her about it. I truly believe this will be life changing for me. I am not the person I was at 345, I no longer want to be living in that body. She asked me about kids. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. I don't think that 180 pounds of excess weight will do the same thing to my skin that a having a baby would do. All though given the comments on my FB status yesterday, apparently some of my friends think that it will. Maybe, but I suspect this is a whole order of magnitude different. Kids don't give you a pannus that is 39cm across and hangs almost 5cm. (Yes, the PS measured it).

Otherwise I am in good health and even better spirits.

Well, besides some test anxiety. ;c)

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