Monday, March 30, 2009

I have a surgery date! July 9th.

OMG this is ACTUALLY going to happen. I could cry I am so happy, I feel like I have waited for this my whole life. I met with a surgeon from Brigham and Woman's today. I really liked this guy, not as aggressive as the guy from MGH and that is fine by me. I am processing all the thoughts about this, and want to be better about detailing this for those of you also going through it. Check back at the end of the week for a run down of how the Drs. appointment went down. My second chemistry exam of the semester is Thursday so I am preoccupied until then, a week of vacation and no studying... There isn't a lot of accessible info (I think) for those of us who need this surgery who haven't had gastric surgery and I want to shed some light on it. Insurance and all. One takeaway-- he thinks I'll heal great because "I eat normally."

Just the tummy first and he didn't think I need to go all the way around. I agree, and was surprised the last guy suggested it. Maybe he just wanted my money? Also said that the thighs should wait b/c they will be a vertical scar and the tummy horizontal. Said doing the two together is shooting yourself in the foot. Huh. Again, lots to think about and process. But w00t! I am so ready for this.

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