Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Cardiac Lab

School is winding down for the semester. I have a math test tomorrow that is weighing on me, but I think I shall survive just fine. I have been doing math problems for days.

Anyway, lab last night consisted of taking our pulse, bp and then our pulse after two minutes of exercise. I couldn't help but feel for the poor girl who I had been lab partners with the first week. She was an undergrad and I was making up a missed lab (for a stuffy lawyer dinner) and happened to sit next to her. She had friends and seemed to be making due but she was a very large girl. There was not a single bp cuff in that room last night that will fit her during her lab on Wednesday. :c( The embarrassment. Out teach lets the night school peeps coast so we are only doing part of the lab, but it still included 2 minutes of exercise for us. The daytime kids are going to have to due the Harvard Step Test and design another fitness experiment.

These are things I notice being formerly that girl. I feel for her awkwardness. Maybe she won't notice, but back in the day, that lab would have been 3 hours of pure torture for me.

BTW-- my stats. BP was 110/78. I wish that bottom number were lower. Pulse was 104 resting (too much inhaler!!!) and 124 after hopping on the bike.

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