Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A few vacation photos...

Said Iceberg in Iceberg Lake

Husband and I at the Lake

Campsite at Grand Teton.  Be nice to your knees folks!

From the Highline Trail on the way out to the Chalet.

View from the Chalet at midnight!
On the way down from the Chalet.

10 miles in the heat.  But there were Moose!

Being silly after drinks at the Jackson Lake Lodge.

This is the personal sized sundae!
I wish you could see the mosquitoes circling my head here.

Most.Favorite.Geyser.Ever.  This is Grand.

Deep Fried Avocado.  Best thing all vacation and it was on our last night at the Montana State Fair.  


Amanda said...

Oh you did Glacier too this summer! We did the High Line almost first hike out, and I'm sad to say it ended up nearly doing me in when we took the Loop on the return from the Chalet. 4 miles, 2200 foot descent... yeeouch.

But the views are gorgeous :)

Alexia said...

deep fried avocado?! oh my gosssssssh.
i'd love to try that. we're obsessed with avocado in my house, except that we mostly call it pear. jamaicans call it pear. a slice of pear always completes the meal!