Monday, August 20, 2012


What a great summer.  I am in the best shape I have ever been.  I took about a month off from the weight loss efforts...  Travel and then more travel.  I saw 147 for a moment and then bounced.  Back to 148 this am so headed in the right direction again.  At 5'7.5" this is a good weight for me but my knee thinks I still might like to be a bit lighter.
I've overcome that pop with some intensive physical therapy and more sessions with trainer. I'm on the fence about what is next for my knee.  So much of this is about personal motivation but I can't help but think I might benefit from a cleaning out.  That would make surgery number 12 on the left knee. I have to say that I am DAMN PROUD of myself that I didn't put on any weight as a result of that injury. I just kept working through it.  If you haven't gotten the food figured out then you can not rely on exercise to keep weight off.  Bouncing 10-15-20 pounds as the result of an injury over the course of a couple months.  Yeah, that's not me.  Shouldn't be you either.  But alas, I've seen a lot of it this year on the internets.


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bbubblyb said...

I didn't realize I had missed a post from you. Sorry to hear about your knee but glad you're working through it. Way to go on the weight too. Yep, it's so about the food. I'm still not past using it but I'm not giving up. Good luck with whatever you decide to do :) Great picture of you and the baby :)