Friday, May 18, 2012

More Health Care Worries

I am trying to define all of my OA.  I'd like a baseline of where I am now so that in 10, 20 years I can note the progression.  I have no idea what all my healthcare $$$ pay for, but I feel like getting good appropriate care is freaking hard to do.  My PCP referred me back to my old Ortho, Dr. B. for my back.  Umm, no.  I wrote her back a terse email, saying basically I'd rather continue to hurt. She then placed referral for another Ortho and when I called to make appointment the woman on phone was all, "He doesn't do backs." Ugh, yes, I know.  But he is apparently an expert in arthritis. Hoping he'll listen to what I have to say and if he can't help, maybe knows someone who can.  Really I don't want to be "treated" I just want to define this.  How much, where, how far along?  Having answers to these questions will help me process the pain.

I think I'm grumpy because I fell last Saturday.  Jarring as always. Thank goodness I wasn't carrying my baby. And thank goodness for her.  Some how I was blessed with one of the happiest smiliest babies ever.


bbubblyb said...

sorry to hear you fell :( and sorry that you can't seem to find a decent doctor, I do know how that is. Thankfully I have a good Ortho doc and at least my PCP will refer me to whomever I want to go to so I tend to do my own research finding specialists. Hope you find someone that can help you soon.

What sweet baby pictures :) Glad to hear she's a happy little one :)

Dennis said...

That is one adorable child.